Monday, May 2, 2011

Relationships Suck!

      Okay, so I know that I'm not the only person to openly admit that it is jealousy of other peoples' relationships, seeing others get hurt, or just getting hurt alone that makes me thrive to stay out of a relationship. But there comes a time when you just become sick of being single all together and ready to bust out and mingle (lame! I know). But seriously, am I the only person that finds themselves having a real sh*tty judge of character!? Continuing off from my last blog when I said "people need to focus more on the type of person they deserve and less on the type of person they want to be with," but it seems like even the type of guys I think I deserve are turning out to be major a**holes just like all the rest. I have standards just like every other girl in this world (hopefully) to know what kind of guy I want. But recently, I've noticed that my standards are pretty high. My Mr.Perfect might as well be in his mid 80's. Hopefully, I am not the only person to notice that most guys nowadays only want one thing in relationships and that is, what I like to call the "anger bang." What happened to the good 'ol days when guys were faithful and getting married as virgins and pure. (I probably sound pathetic to some people right now), but everyone in this world (hopefully, once again) feels as if there is one person in this world that they were destined to be with. They may not be with you now, but they will sooner or later. Patience is the key. And to those who have actually found Mr. or Mrs. Right, Kudos. I hope my Mr.Right comes galloping to me soon on his majestic steed.

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